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Megan Thee Stallion And Rep. Maxine Waters Get Candid In Virtual Heart-to-Heart



Hot Girl Summer hasn’t even begun yet and Megan Thee Stallion shows no signs of cooling down. The self -proclaimed H-Town Hottie has continued to heat up the net and the charts all while continuing her college education.

On the heels of her latest Harper’s Bazaar cover, Meg got the opportunity to have a virtual heart-to- heart with Representative Maxine Waters about the importance of protecting Black Women.

Meg has been the center of much controversy following her alleged assault by fellow singer Tory Lanez. Since then, she’s been adamant about using her platform to spread awareness and support for Black Women everywhere. Her advocacy also includes an opinion piece published in the New York Times entitled “Why I Speak Up for Black Women”, where she expressed her own experiences with misogyny and mistreatment as it relates to Black Women on a much larger scale.

Tina Snow also faced much backlash following the release of the controversial collab, “WAP”, with fellow female rap star, Cardi B. The song received mixed reviews from the public and industry insiders for it’s raunchy lyrics and unconventional subject matter. Representative Waters praised Meg for her ‘”audacity'” to continue defying stereotypes and rejecting the double-standards often witnessed in the music industry.

“To be supported by another Black woman who sends the same message, I feel like, ‘You know what, I am doing the right thing and I’m gonna keep doing it ’cause Maxine Waters said I can,” laughed Meg.

The ‘H-Town Hottie’ posted this clip to her Twitter expressing her gratitude for Representative Waters’ support.

Take a look below to watch the full candid conversation: