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DaBaby Sued For Alleged Assault and Property Damages



DaBaby seems to be having a plethora of legal ties circulating as of late. Last year, it was alleged that the 29-year-old hip hop star assaulted a Miami club promoter as well as a hotel employee. Despite DaBaby (born Johnathan Kirk) adamantly denying these violent allegations, it seems to be another entity adding onto the list of lawsuits. 

Monday, February 22, Gary Pager, who owns several rental properties in California – rented Kirk one of his properties in Runyon Canyon dated back in December 2020. The agreement between Kirk and Pager alluded to Kirk would not accompany no more than 12 people at the property as a precautionary factor to combat, or minimize the global pandemic, Covid-19 from spreading.

However, Pager was notified that DaBaby was attempting to shoot a music video, in which garnered over 40 people at the property – nearly triple the amount that was first agreed upon between the two.

Pager was notified of the rules that was mended in his establishment, and immediately arrived at the location to confront the issue. A heated argument ensued in which it was alleged that Pager was viciously assaulted by an unknown patron – and was later chased around the house with DaBaby. Pager also alludes that Kirk allegedly punched him in the mouth, which caused him to miss a tooth by the end of the scuffle. Along with the assault, Pager also noted in his lawsuit that Kirk and his patrons caused several thousands of dollars in property damages. Alongside Kirk listed in the lawsuit, his manager Kinsza Virgil has been named as well. It is unclear as to his affiliation in this incident.

It is unknown of the amount of money Gary Pager is requesting from the rapper, or if this civil matter will be rectified in court. 

So far, DaBaby nor his representatives has made any statements in regards to the impending lawsuit.