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6ix9ine Drops New “ZAZA” Video



Fresh off of his Meek Mill beef, 6ix9ine wastes no opportunity for a viral moment.

On Friday, the rapper dropped a new single and video entitled “ZAZA,” which has continued his trend of doing ridiculously high streaming numbers on Youtube. The video currently sits at nearly 19 million views and over 1 million likes at the time of this writing, less than 24 hours after its release.

In the video, 6ix9ine is seen throwing large stacks of money and partying with every big booty IG model there is on your explore page. It seems like he has traded his signature gang-banging videos of 100 men with videos of 100 women instead, hinting at a different kind of gang banging.

Ignoring every COVID restriction there is, 6ix9ine and friends appear to be having the time of their lives partying with the Double Dose twins, amongst other models. The CDC has not officially stated that silicone injections kill the bacteria that causes COVID-19, but in case they do, the models in this video appear to be ahead of the game.

6ix9ine also capitalized off of the viral moment with Meek Mill by including it in the 2-minute video.

6ix9ine teased the single with a post on Feb. 4th of him playing the song in the studio, as well as a post stating that he would drop the single and go live on IG on the day of release. Though he did not go live as intended, he recently put up a post stating that he would go live on Saturday, Feb. 20th and asked that Meek Mill join.

Let’s see if Meek joins and the two piece things up. Don’t hold your breath.