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6ix9ine Catches Arch Nemesis Meek Mill In Public



Fresh off of being called a “truly horrible human being” by his documentary director, being challenged to a boxing match by his spirit animal Riff Raff, and growing a Jamie Foxx beard, 6ix9ine is up to his antics once again.

The rainbow-haired rapper has a longstanding beef with guardian of the streets, Meek Mill, and when the two ran into each other outside of an Atlanta club early Sunday morning, the beefing ensued.

The rappers clowned each other for having security and shouted at one another while they each recorded video of the confrontation. Both rappers appeared to have security.

Meek later took to Twitter to provide more details on the situation, stating that 6ix9ine intentionally waited outside the club for Meek and his entourage to show up.

The videos provoked a widespread response from social media, including from famed manager Wack 100, who posted a 9-minute video response on the incident.

“All you suckers and cowards making excuses, f– that. Rats up one” Wack 100 said. “Microphones is zero. Rappers is zero.”


Wack’s response prompted Meek Mill to respond with a post of his own, calling him “really pussy” and exposing a video message of Wack 100 trying to make peace between Meek and a friend years ago. Meek also previewed an upcoming track with some lyrics aimed at 6ix9ine, calling him– you guessed it– a rat.

The rainbow-haired rapper has been relatively silent over the past few months after his studio album Tattletales went triple aluminum foil, selling an underwhelming one-third of the projected amount, being sued by the victims of his separate robbery and child pornography cases, and being rushed to the hospital for overdosing on weight loss pills.