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R&B Singer/Songwriter Remey Williams Debuts New Single, “Real Love Ain’t Safe”



R&B newcomer Remey Williams would be considered as an iridescent vocal serin, or in layman terms – a vibrant songbird. His voice is unorthodox. A suave baritone that fluctuates into alto-soprano adlibs. 

Hailing from Camden, NJ to bassist Jimmy Williams (O’Jays) and mother who was affluent in the Gospel circuit, it was only evident that Williams would follow suit into the music realm. 

Aside from his singing capabilities, Remey Williams is also a songwriter, and is a professional drummer for R&B singer Summer Walker. His music affiliations alongside Summer Walker are Jacob Latimore and 6lack to name a few. 

Remey would be introduced as a singer/songwriter in 2020, where he debuted his first single titled “I’m Good,” which is an ode to black boy joy. As he offered a snippet of his distinguished talent last year, 2021 is more inviting into the realm of Remey Williams with a follow up single titled, “Real Love Ain’t Safe.”

The self-written and produced record acquires a melodious beat accompanied by breathtaking lyrics that resonates to those who experienced being in-love. “Real Love Ain’t Safe,” is a combination of both old school and modern day, contemporary R&B which will fulfill a wide range audience that loves the significance of rhythm and blues. The song derives from the understanding of risk taking, vulnerability, and willingness to love. 

In a recent interview, Williams explained the meaning behind the hit record, “It’s hard to love all of someone when they’re afraid to give you all of them. We all have flaws, some parts of us lack confidence. That’s the part I want to know. That’s the part I want to fall in love with. That’s what makes you. It is a risk to give that person that side of you, but if it’s a person I want to spend my forever with, let’s go all the way. No 50/50, keep it 100!” – R. Williams.

This record is certainly playlist worthy, alongside “I’m Good,” especially for Valentine’s Day.

“Real Love Ain’t Safe,” is now available on all streaming platforms as well as the visuals, which is available on YouTube. Williams is currently working on his EP, which is slated for a summer release. 

Check out “Real Love Ain’t Safe” after the jump:

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