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Lunchmoney Lewis Shares Live Session To “Money Dance”



Right now, Lunchmoney Lewis is in rollout mode. After catching heat with his latest song “Cheat,” Lewis followed up with a recent hit in “Money Dance.” Today, he continues the campaign with a special live session performance of the new song.

A Lunchbox Sessions presentation, backed by a groovy E Flat’s guitar, Lewis delivers an awesome acapella rendition of “Money Dance.” The song was inspired by the current economic fallout happening in the music business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I worked on this record last year,” Lewis remembers. “We had fun in the studio making this, just felt like one those records people needed to hear and enjoy, if you made some money in 2020 do your money dance, if you made 5 dollars today do your “money dance”, it’s not how much money but be happy with what your blessed with and work to get more.”

Both “Cheat” and “Money Dance” will appear on Lunchmoney Lewis’ forthcoming project, titled, A Good Time For No Reason. A direct follow-up to his 2020 EP, Songs in the Key of Quarantine. Looking forward to see what the new Florida hitmaker has next up his shelves.

Watch Lunchmoney Lewis get down below and then follow the new star daily on Instagram.

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