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Season 6 of Little Women: Atlanta Returns Tonight!



Since its initial inception dated back to 2016, Little Women: Atlanta has been the epitome of – challenges, excitement, and ambitious young ladies defying the odds that plagues against them on a daily basis. To the introductory of season 6, the star stunning cast members return with a vengeance, in full-propulsive gear toward their endeavors to aim higher beyond recognition.  

After a monumental year of challenges and change, Lifetime’s unscripted hit series Little Women: Atlanta returns with the highly anticipated premiere of season six on its new night Friday, January 22, at 9pm ET/PT.  The season kicks off with Ms. Juicy, Minnie, the Tiny Twinz Amanda & Andrea, Abira and the return of Monie, as the ladies all come back together in Atlanta to pursue their dreams in the city’s vibrant hip hop scene. Once again, the ladies bring the fun, the drama, the competition and the love as together they face health issues, careers changes, relationship ups and downs and life’s hardest trials and tribulations — all while still dealing with the complexities of living in an average size world. Little Women: Atlanta returns with a two-hour block of fan binging programing beginning with the Little Women: Atlanta Kickoff Special on January 22nd at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Starting on January 29th the series will premiere 90-minute supersized episodes at 9pm ET/PT every Friday night, followed by the all-new 30 minute after show, Little Women: Atlanta Unfiltered, hosted by Loni Love (The Real). 

The forthcoming season should be one of the more memorable seasons of the Little Women’s overall franchise. Between the pandemic’s abrupt interjection to the untimely demise of fan favorite and cast mate Minnie, there is no question to contest that season 6 is not only relatable in context, but in sentiment as well. Check out the synopsis of the new season after the jump:

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