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Harlem’s Fergie Baby Drops New Music Video “Steve-O” Ahead of New Project



Harlem’s own Fergie Baby finally drops one of the hottest songs in his catalog. 3 years after its unofficial release on his debut mixtape Are You Dum Vol. 1, the official release of “Steve-O” is finally here – accompanied by a Borleone Films-directed music video.

Steve-O” is a lowkey track with simple laidback production, contrasted by Fergie Baby’s big energy and energetic flow, and centered around the song’s catchy hook. In the visual, we see Fergie Baby posted up at various locations around the city – cruising around the town accompanied by prolific music journalist, Regina Cho and friends. In the final scenes, we even get a look at Fergie Baby’s acting chops as he tries to break up a fight with his angry girlfriend, played by Kay Dott, CEO of Urban News.

Fergie Baby has big plans for applying pressure in 2021 – starting with the release of his follow up mixtape Are You Dum Vol. 2, set to release in the spring. Until then, enjoy Fergie Baby’s single “Steve-O” and the fun music video below.