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1. Alexza (@listentoalexza)

Singer/Songwriter Alexza is an upcoming Artist from LI, New York. Coming from a musical background with a mother who sings and father who writes and plays guitar Alexza began seriously writing and recording her material in hs. Performing at varies venues like SOB’s, Amazura, The Bowery Poetry Club in NY, Venue 718 where she opened up for Tory Lanez and a list of other events. She wrote and featured on Jim Jones’ song Got to b Real on his “Wasted Talent” album. In addition, she Recorded vocals for Smoke Dza’s “Not For Sale” Album and has written and recorded 13 songs for Irv Gotti’s Show on BET’s “Tales”. Alexza has most recently put out a 10 song album called “Free Transfer” that gives listeners a 90’s baby meets Now sound. Alexza who calls herself #TheHybrid due to her singing and rapping capabilities, is working on a new EP Titled “Burgundy” that she plans to release at the top of the year. Her single “Quality” which is now released on all major platforms talks about relationships requiring each party to be of “Quality” in order for the partnership to work and flourish. The video will be released on December 10th.

2. Sha Bussin Not Ya Cousin (@shabussinnyc)

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York emerging emcee, Sha Bussin Not Ya Cousin has been making his mark. Like many talented artists at a young age he grew a passion for music. Surviving from complex environments it inspired him to perfect his craft and make authentic and meaningful records. His music is relatable to many different people from every walk of life.
“My sound is like a clean cut diamond. None of my songs sound the same, but they all hit the same. I make music for people to relate to and create a positive vibe. I knew this one was a hit, right after recording it. My music is influenced by my upbringing. Growing up in poverty you see things from a different perspective. That “get it by you live” mentality really sticks with you growing into your adult years.”
Shot in the Bronx, Sha takes us through the trenches through the visual. He knew this song would be a hit after the first recording session. This multi talented creative is also an engineer. After listening to the track a few hundred times he came up with the creative direction and concept. You can see how his creative thought process plays out in the video.

3. Gemini Jynx (@geminijynx)

New York artist, Gemini Jynx, releases the video for his latest single “Paranoia”. The artist refers to himself as Gemini Jynx, not only because it is his astrological sign, but because he chucks it up to being a “jack of all trades” when it comes to music. His versatility as an artist is something he prides himself on and is shown through his flows, lyrics and cadence on different songs. His latest single “Paranoia” tells the story of Gemini’s time growing up in NYC and constantly having a feeling of anxiety living in such a fast paced city.

4. Dat Boi Skeet (@datboiskeet)

Buffalo, New York Rapper Dat Boi Skeet drops new visual for “Lonely” produced by Drum Dummie. The video was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada during Covid, a location whose empty streets embodied the word, “lonely.” The song touches on loss, death and isolation as Skeet raps, “I lost so many people, now I don’t even cry.” Skeet visits various Las Vegas hotspots, but also takes the time to shoot scenes in front of the High Desert Prison where one of his cousins is incarcerated. Skeet raps, “bro behind the wall, I miss my dog, they need to free him quick” as he boldly stands in front of the prison entrance, sharing his pain. Skeet contrasts the brightness of Las Vegas nightlife with the dark reality of imprisonment, while demonstrating the overwhelming isolation in both, especially during Covid.

5. Ja Bos (@ja_bos74)

Ja Bos is an aspiring artist who spent most of his childhood In Trinidad & Tobago where he was born. Ja who now lives in Brooklyn says “music has always played a huge part of my life since a kid.” Although Ja started rapping three years ago, his musical influences come from the early 90’s and late 2000’s rappers such as Stack bundles, Styles P, Biggie, and Vado. Bos who describes his music style as pain mixed with aggression shows his supporters just what that sounds like in his EP ‘B.O.S’ (bars over bullshit). His single ‘Keeper’ is bold and blatant with lyrics like “I’ll put a hole in you real quick … ain’t looking for love could keep it”. With new music on the way, a few new singles dropping and a new video dropping soon Ja is set to rise to the top in 2021.

6. 6TEEN (@___sxtn)

6TEEN from Bushwick, Brooklyn is a rapper who got his inspiration from the gritty punchlines & metaphors of rappers such as Pusha T, Fabolous and Jay-z. In 2018, he released his first project “I Made Me This” On Soundcloud. With over 2k+ Plays he states “I was a new voice in music people were looking for that they didn’t know they needed”. “What did that new voice sound like?” I asked. “Gritty, mixed with the wittiness and cockiness”
In his new single “All I Know” 6TEEN amplifies his wordplay, metaphors and cockiness. All with a dash of slick talk that you would expect from a NY rapper. This single is the first release off his upcoming project called “Hope Gardens” Which Is The Name Of The Building Complex he Grew up in, in Bushwick. 6TEEN says the meaning behind the project is to give his supporters a sense of where he’s from. Coupled with his trials and tribulations, 6TEEN says you can expect to hear a few different types of flows and genres on this project. He expects that’ll bring the listeners closer to him and get a better sense of who he is which everyone would love.

7. Keef Sin (@2010keef)

Keef Sin
is a recording artist from Queens, NY under his own record label ‘The Label LLC’. Keef started making music in 2012/13 as a hobby and got serious in 2016 with the release of his first single “Credit or Debit”. You can classify his sound as very versatile as his catalog ranges from hip-hop, conscious, club bangers to gritty rap. His single “Bandz” was created as a ‘feel good’ song that people can enjoy when they’re out at a party or gathering. Look out for his upcoming music videos and his debut project “HIATUS” !

8. Supreme Carl (@supremecarl)

Supreme Carl
A.K.A Carlito is an Afro Latino music artist from The Bronx, NY. He has been creating music for 4 years and is the founder/creator of an entertainment company called SINALIFE LLC. His goal is to create a platform that gives others the opportunity to fulfill their visions through art and business. He created his company after he lost his mother, Grizelle Parker, in 2018 to cancer. He believes music and entertainment can be the vessel to lead to greater business endeavors. Supreme says his sound is similar to ASAP FERG. 6SIDE is Supreme Carl introducing the world to his stomping ground, which is on the 6Side of The Bronx NY. The songs tells the listeners what this area of the bronx instills in its creatives. Stay tuned for more dope music. SINALIFE LA FAMILIA

9. 22 Rell (@22rell)

Artist/Producer 22 Rell is straight out of Central Coast California, currently living in North Hollywood. He started making music at probably 13 or 14. He says he started because his dad put him on to a lot of good music at an early age, and he just had this intuitive feeling that he was born to create his own. His first few mixtapes he did were just for people in his hometown. In 2017 he released a project called “The 45 Project” under the name Terrell Anthony. In 2018 he changed his name to 22 Rell. In 2019 he released an EP called “Songs 4 The World” along with several singles. The project just released on October 22nd, 2020, is a 7 song EP called “Purple Hearts” which I truly feel will introduce me to the masses in due time.

His single ‘In The Rain’ is the perfect mixture of rap and almost alternative rock melodies that really captures where he is creatively right now. 22 says his main goal is to get as many people as possible to hear Purple Hearts. In the meantime, on the producer side, you can expect to see Rell on Danileigh’s (Def Jam) upcoming album as a producer!

10. Prince Lawrence (@therealprincelawrence)

Hailing from the Bronx, NY to parents of Jamaican and Dominican descent, Prince Lawrence would describe himself as a universal artist, not only because of his origins but because his music connects with a  wide spectrum of fans and listeners from all walks of life. Prince Lawrence came up under the unfortunately familiar condition that many young black men and ‘90s babies in the Bronx/America face at large—a single mother household vacant due to the questionable life sentencing of his beloved father. Dreams of changing that status and inspiring others who come from rocky roads coincide perfectly with Prince Lawrence’s purpose to share his talent and work ethic, through his music, to leave an impression on the world. Having performed at over 200 shows, opening for major artists at some of the most major venues in New York City, this is only the beginning of his amazing story. Upcoming events include music videos dropping soon off of Prince Lawrence’s EP ‘Son of a King’. More music to come as Prince has a Vault of music and is tirelessly working on his craft these days. Sosa Geek heard Prince’s craft and lyrical execution during a studio session after they connected on a Live and decided to go in on Red Loubs.

11. Trizzy Trav (@loyaltylifetrizzy)

Travis Herbert, known by his stage name Trizzy Trav, is originally from Maplewood, NJ. While staying in Buffalo, NY for the past few years, Trizzy developed a liking to writing his thoughts as a way to express himself and release. As his comfort level in writing grew, he soon began to write songs which started to become his passion. Trizzy began to fall in love with the process of song making and music after he went to his first studio session at 19. From 2014 until today 4 projects and countless amounts of singles including fan favorite TrizzySZN back in 2017.
Trizzy has a wide-range sound which makes his audience rather unique. In his most recent project, What Was In Store, his sound goes from street to smooth to mellow to upbeat but still manages to make the project cohesive. One of the standout tracks is called ‘Ain’t Ok’ where he aggressively touches on current issues in the world such as police brutality, financial freedom, and black excellence. This song and EP is a great treat for what’s to come from Trizzy while knowing that another project while be dropping in the near future.

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