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New Orleans Artist Marty Mard Drops ‘Luxury’ EP With Production From Scott Storch and G Fresh



Marty Mard is a rising artist out of L.A. by way of New Orleans, with a captivating sound, signature flashy style, and a new project ‘Luxury’ EP that dropped in December on Christmas Day. 

Marty Mard is what you get when you take New Orleans bayou and you mix it with the Hollywood Hills and Paris Fashion Week. Marty’s hood luxury style is an interesting mix of southern charm, New Orleans grit, and high-end fashion – perfectly summed up by “Bayou Baller,” the first track off the EP with the chorus: “Bet you ain’t know they had ballers in the bayou.” 

The ‘Luxury’ EP features top-notch production from G Fresh and legendary super-producer, Scott Storch – featuring some of the crispest beats and the biggest, cinematic instrumentation available. In the visuals accompanying this project, as the project’s name suggests, we see Marty Mard draped in top quality designer – some of which we can only assume came courtesy of his friend, celebrity jacket designer Jeff Hamilton. 

After spending 2019 in Paris ensconced in fashion, honing his sound, and introducing his brand to international audiences – we hear a developed Marty Mard ready to bring his sound to the masses.  The two singles off the project, “Authentic” and “Karate” premiered on Worldstar Hip Hop in the months leading up to the release – accompanied by big-budget music videos featuring flashy drip, big racks, and lavish houses in the hills. 

Overall, ‘Luxury’ is a tightly executed project made up of ten, well-crafted tracks. For anyone not familiar, this is a great introduction to Marty Mard’s signature style and sound. And for anyone that gets through the project and is looking for more Marty Mard, “Luxury” Deluxe is set to drop early January. 

Check out the video for “Karate” off Marty Mard’s new project, streaming on Worldstar now – and check out the ‘Luxury’ EP on all platforms.

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