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10 Mashups You’re Missing



In the world of music, one genre of music that doesn’t get enough credit are Mashups . A mashup, is a song created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs. A trend that started back in the 2010s with artists like DJ Earworm who went viral from his iconic end of year mashups, has gained a huge resurgence in the past year. One key factor in this resurgence is the popular app among teenagers, Tik Tok. A popular trend on the app is to make dance videos to mashups of popular top 10 songs. Two DJs/Producers that are leading the way with game changing mashups are Blacc Mass and Amorphous. Blacc Mass has been known for his blending of Pop Smoke verses and beats with wildly different songs. Amorphous has drawn a similar following for his mashups of current hits, with hits from the 70s-80s. Below we have compiled 5 of our favorite mashups from each artist. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Blacc Mass


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