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NJ Artist Daidough’s “Distractions” Is A Welcome Distraction From the Election

Daidough is back with “Distractions,” his first official single since May and another strong showing from the Jersey artist. Coming at a time where a distraction seems like a pretty good idea.



Daidough is back with “Distractions.” Dropping this past Friday, “Distractions” is the Jersey artist’s first official single since May and yet another strong showing. Coming at a time where a distraction seems like a pretty good idea.

Coming out of East Orange, Daidough is easily one of the hottest artists rising in New Jersey – with several hits in the bag already including “Ghetto Melodies”, “A Hood Near You” and the hugely viral “Wop 4 Wop” – the video for which has over 3.2M views on Youtube. 

An impressively versatile artist, switching effortlessly between his own, lightning-fast percussive take on the popular drill sound like we hear on on “Wop 4 Wop” – and a softer, more autotuned melodic vocal like “Ghetto Melodies.” 

This time on “Distractions”, we hear a really successful hybrid of the two styles – with a catchy, melodic hook coupled with strong verses where Daidough expertly blends his styles and manages to deliver relentless bars while still carrying a dope melody. Daidough is one of those rare artists that can “do both” – and “Distractions” is one of those rare songs where the same artist can execute two distinct styles to create a cohesive, catchy, and still hard-hitting track. 

“Distractions” is yet another impressive entry from the young Jersey artist – with the Upstate groove-produced visual dropping soon. Check out this snippet of the “Distractions” video he posted on IG.

Already sounding like a seasoned artist, you can definitely expect to see more from Diadough, one of Jersey’s rising stars. 

Be sure to check out the track below, and be on the lookout for the video coming soon. If you haven’t already, also be sure to check out Daidough’s earlier hits – “Wop 4 Wop,” “A Hood Near You” and “Turn It Up a Notch.”