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New EP: Zoo Rass – ‘Mood Swings.’

A new music artist is making his way up from Brooklyn. Zuberi Shury



A new music artist is making his way up from Brooklyn. Zuberi Shury, a Brooklyn native, traded in his dancing shoes for the microphone to pursue music full time. With his rich Caribbean background Guyanese Jamaican, Zoo Rass takes great pride in honing his musical talent.

Fusing traditional dancehall with other genres like pop and hip hop and catchy lyrics and melodies but still keeping his listeners engaged with authentic dancehall sound.

His new EP titled, Mood Swings can be described as an abrupt and apparently unaccountable change of mood. This EP represents the different mood swings he’s had throughout the year with his music. He said, “One day I can feel as if I’m a king, the next day, I can be uncertain about the next step in my career.” 

His EP was released back in July and since then he has been racking up streams and doing well in various markets. The four-track EP has been the#1 Album on I-Tunes in Ghana and #6 Reggae Album on iTunes in America. Thus far, he has racked up 74.4K streams worldwide and 11.4K streams in the past month.

The lead single “Oh Nah Nah” features Alhaji Currency & Hero. The track gives us a warm-hearted feeling as listeners will experience dancehall colliding with afrobeats as it provides a cultural and refreshing sound. Check out his single, “Oh Nah Nah” below.

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