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Baltimore’s DZ Talks Upcoming “Gutz and Glory” EP



Born and raised on the gritty streets of Northeast Baltimore, rising rapper DZ was faced with a tough decision early on; run the streets or invest in his dreams. DZ clearly chose the latter and has been elevating creatively ever since.

On the heels of his latest single “Captain Falcon’, DZ spoke openly about his unique sound, musical goals, and his upcoming project.

Not only has DZ used his music as a form of self-expression, but it has also become a therapeutic outlet for him as well. “Music is my own therapy, it’s a part of meditation to me,” he explained. “It was another route to take instead of getting trapped in and by the system, even though sometimes we have no choice. For me though, music gave me hope, inspiration, and even kept me challenging myself.”

When describing his sound, he likes to compare it to the Marvel character Deadpool. ” My current sound is every version of me just having fun on the tracks, while still finding a pocket to speak some truth into my people. I’m almost like if the character Deadpool was a rap style. My style is like having a variety of weapons”, he laughs.

That signature sound will be at the forefront of his upcoming project “Gutz and Glory”, set for release November 4th. When asked about the idea behind the EP’s title, he explains, “The way I see it is, you gotta have the “Guts” /stomach for this sh*t. I would say a stomach made of steel cause some of the things you witness walking in the artist’s shoes can be kind of sickening. But always remember why you are there, which is the “Glory”.

Being a father has had a tremendous effect on DZ creatively, as well. “When I had my son in 2015, that sh*t upped my drive more than anything. My relationship with him gave me more fuel to go even harder. His energy is like a special type of diesel to this engine. Its a one of one.”

As an emerging artist with a growing fanbase, his goal is to share his music globally while simultaneously encouraging other young people from his hometown to follow a route other than the street life. “N*ggas from where I’m from don’t really make it to see anything outside of Baltimore. I’m gonna make an impact and be an influence for the ones who want to do something different but can’t shake the street mentality.”

Check out DZ’s latest video for ‘Captain Falcon’ below and be on the look out for more music coming soon.

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