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NEW EP: Tray Haggerty – Blossom



This is Tray Haggerty. Tray is an artist, singer, and songwriter who believes that faith, patience and perseverance are the true keys to success. He is the product of a successful mother who owns multiple businesses and an absentee father.

Although his passion is music, Tray knew that having an education would not only be pivotal, but also give him an edge over others in all of his future endeavors. Furthermore he received a full ride football scholarship where he went on to study Industrial Engineering. During his junior year in college Tray’s mother Terris Haggerty tried to encourage her son to pursue his Engineering degree instead of a music career. However during his senior year of college Terris noticed her son’s potential and began to fully support him on his path to stardom. Tray has taken his life and talents to sunny Los Angeles, where in just over a year’s time he has already recorded and written songs with and for major label artists and television shows alike.

Tray has been rapping since his youth; his musical inspirations stem from artist such as Young Thug, Andre 3000, Big Mo, and Lil’ Wayne. When he was in just the 6th grade Tray began recording with his childhood friend. Shortly thereafter Tray wrote, recorded, and released his very first song.

Blossom is the highly anticipated project by Tray Haggerty, that contains hit singles such as “Bodies”, and “T.R.A.P” featuring fellow Texas artist Sauce Walka. Blossom is the follow up project after Tray’s first project Brokn Roses. It symbolize’s the growth through his life as an artist and as a man. The whole project is filled with catchy melodic records like Blossom!, or Long Time; contrasted with hard hitting tracks like Bodies, or Double Tree. Keep an eye on Tray, because sooner than later he’s going to catapult into stardom! Make sure you stream his album below.

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