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Deevice Scrilla Don’t Intervene Video



This is Deevice. Hailing from East New York and Queens, Deevice is a music machine. At the age of 9 he started singing in his bathroom where the echo was and started creating his own music. The name “deevice” comes from him seeing his self as a machine. It all coincides with his aesthetic. If you look up the meaning of Device it says “adapted for a Particular purpose”. His purpose has always been money, and that’s where Scrilla comes from. He’s most inspired by people from the hood that’s building their brand from the ground up with no help. Deevice’s ability to jump from genre to genre and still stay true to his sound and blend it sonically is what makes him unique. Scrilla’s new song “don’t intervene” is about a person knowing that they’re going in a downward spiral from the lifestyle that makes them feel good, and being content with that and not let someone else’s perception intervene. Watch the video above and make sure you check out the rest of Deevice Scrilla’s music!

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