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Exclusive: La Gualla Talks New ‘Gualla Season’ Mixtape, Working w/ RikoHitz, Stepping Out On Faith, & More…



A little less than one year ago, 21-year old rising rapper, La Gualla, was recording music straight from his Iphone and out of his closet. Now, almost a year later, the Patterson, Louisiana native is quickly building a name for himself with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

His new mixtape, appropriately titled ‘Gualla Season’, hit streaming platforms at 12am on August 1st and is already receiving rave reviews. This project is Gualla’s second official release through The Dispensary Music by way of DatPiff and Create Music Group (CMG).

‘Gualla Season’ takes listeners on a journey through the mind of the budding rapper as he shares his experiences of pain, love, depression, and life growing up in Louisiana. Unlike his previous project, ‘Humble Beast’, Gualla opted for a more personal approach by having less features; only collaborating with New Orleans rapper, RikoHitz, for a track called “Lay Down”. The record was created during an unplanned encounter at a New Orleans studio, where Gualla was booked for a 10-hour recording session. RikoHitz applauded Gualla’s work ethic saying “I admired that…For somebody to book a session from 10pm to 8am. I was like damn, they trying to put in some work.”

The project embodies that hard work by providing a well-balanced contrast of heartfelt melodies and upbeat tempos unique to the signature sound of Louisiana. Fans will be able to both, sit back and vibe, or, turn up and hit their “gualla rock” all in one setting. The mixtape features beats from producers all over the world including Oliver Hargo (Sydney Australia), Maxsta Beats (New Zealand), “Tyrell Made This” (Russia),  King Da Trill (Columbia) and JaDaGod (US).

La Gualla opened up about his new mixtape; sharing some insight into the difficulties of getting support in his hometown, what inspires him the most and the moment he decided to pursue music full-time. “I quit my job about a month and a half ago”, he explained. “I really quit on faith…I got a few signs that I prayed about and then I had left [be]cause I knew that I wasn’t gonna be able to do everything that I wanted to do with the music; but I knew it was the perfect time.”

Having a daughter also plays a huge role in his pursuit of stardom, explaining, “If I ain’t have no motivation before, I definitely do now.”

When asked about whether he found it easier to get support outside of his hometown, he replied, “Most definitely. I looked at my Top 10 cities [and] it don’t even got Louisiana on there…[but] I said that in an interview with Hustle Hearted, you don’t even gotta pop in your city the way the internet is.”

He also spoke honestly about his childhood when asked about the lyrics of his some of his songs. “I’ll say I moved around a lot. I wasn’t stable (like that). My momma, she made it happen. She did what she could…It was just a bitter sweet childhood. That b**ch was fun but, you know, it had it’s trouble.” However, he beamed with joy when talking about the amount of support that his mom has for his music; especially since she isn’t even a fan of rap music.

With the help of his manager Lil D, who he started working with just six months ago, La Gualla has already begun to solidify himself as a buzzing artist to watch.

Take a look at the video for his recent single “War Cry” and click here to shop the latest Gualla Season Merchandise including face masks, T-shirts, phone cases, and much more!

You can listen to the full mixtape below and be sure to follow La Gualla (@la.gualla), RikoHitz (@iamrikohitz), and Lil D (@dareal.lild) on all social media platforms to stay up to date on new releases.

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