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Ksenia Gets Candid About New Single ‘Tell Me’



Award-winning music artist, Ksenia, is back with a new single called “Tell Me”. The new record comes as a follow up to its successful forerunner, “Fire with Fire”, which charted at #47 on the iTunes pop charts and gained over 100k streams on Spotify.

On the heels of the songs success, Ksenia followed up with a collaboration featuring famed vocal coach Stevie Mackey. The “quarantine isolation anthem” entitled “Only Want You More” quickly worked its way up the charts since it’s May 1st release date. The single has reached #28 on the iTunes pop charts, was featured at #3 on Tidal’s “Rising Pop” playlist, and his since gone viral on TikTok after being added to #2 on their official “Love” editorial playlist. The video can be seen in full rotation on popular music outlets such as Music Choice, Nick Music, and MTV.

The rising pop sensation also donated part of the records proceeds to MusiCares in an effort to help fellow musicians facing hard times during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thanks to her unique sound and influential social media presence, Ksenia has garnered over 100k followers on TikTok and 200k followers on Instagram.

I got the opportunity to talk with Ksenia about the new single and her plans for the future. She spoke candidly about her desire to incorporate her Russian culture with modern-day pop music in order to change the narrative of how Russians are viewed here in the states. “I just want people to see Russians as nice soulful people…I feel like Russians should have a different picture in America”, she explains.

Inspired by Russian traditional folk song “Kumushki”, ‘Tell Me’ gives listeners a glimpse into the emotional rollercoaster surrounding toxic relationships. “I think it’s such a problem for a lot of people to just be stuck. People are aware, but they’re just so conditioned to each other and they just can’t get out”, she continues. “I also feel like a lot of people confuse love for pain so they think that if they feel pain, that this is love. Honestly, I can’t say that I know what love is but I know it shouldn’t hurt.”

Ksenia raved about her love for TikTok and how it has helped her regain her passion for comedy. So far, that love for comedy and acting has helped draw in new fans and she’s eagerly looking forward to utilizing the platform to further develop her talents, explore new avenues, and expand her brand.

Ksenia has lots of new projects in the works in addition to her ‘Tell Me’ EP, which is set for release at the end of August. You can also watch her perform on the BIGO Live app throughout the entire month of August as well.

“Tell Me ” is now available on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and more.

The official music video drops on August 7th, so take a look at the lyric video below and be on the look out for more music from Ksenia coming soon!