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Throwback Thursday: @FoxyBrown – ‘Stackin’ Chips’ (Previously Unreleased)



I was on YouTube early and came across an unreleased Foxy Brown song (on a Lil’ Kim fan channel, oddly enough) entitled “Stackin’ Chips.’ Given the sound of the music, the flow and the song’s title, I assume the song is from her Ill Na Na era, circa 1996.

Typical of Foxy at the time, she raps about money and scheming with a husky flow, yet her voice sounds a tad higher than she usually sounded around that time (could be how the record was edited, I’m unsure), but it’s still a great listen, especially since we don’t hear much music from the Brooklyn don diva anymore. Check out “Stack Chips” below and let us know what you think of it.

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