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Meek Mill And Girlfriend Milan Harris Break-Up

Rapper Meek Mill and his girlfriend and now child’s mother has called it quits.



Rapper Meek Mill and his girlfriend and now child’s mother has called it quits.

It was announced on Sunday that that he and his girlfriend have decided to go their separate ways but will remain friends and co-parents of their 3-month-old son.

“Me and Milano decided to remain friends and build our child as separate parents,” wrote Meek in the since-deleted post. “We still have mad love for each other but we both came to a understanding.”

After announcing their separation, Meek followed up with another tweet that may explain the reason for the split. “I made a lot of paper last year everything got different with a lot people I helped so I gotta revaluate myself!” he wrote in the tweet, which has since been deleted. “It will happen to anybody with success & power grow, stay strong and move forward!”

These two just welcomed a son back on May 6th which was also Meek Mill’s birthday. But Milan also had a few words to say,

“I’d never address my private life, publicly,” she said before calling for the arrest of Breonna Taylor’s killers. “But I just felt the need to say…Arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.”

The news follows Kanye West’s claim that his wife Kim Kardashian cheated on him with Meek in 2018. Meek has denied the allegation and witnesses report that nothing inappropriate happened between the two.

And also, Of course there has been some saying on social media that Nicki is the reason for the split and according to fans he’s still in love with her. But we do not know how true that is.