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Megan Thee Stallion Speaks on Her Shooting Incident via Instagram Live



Megan Thee Stallion spoke to her followers regarding the shooting incident today, which happens to be Tory Lanez’s birthday. She confirmed that she was shot in both her feet and haven’t spoke on it until now because she wasn’t ready. The Houston rapper also stated she is not trying to protect anyone involved.

The Legendary host also spoke on how she felt about that night. Visibly shaking and crying, Thee Stallion said it was the worst night of her life and spoke on her this affects her while not having her parents living in her life through this. “My momma was my best friend…I’m still not over that,” she cried, Megan also expressed her disapproval of the rumors and jokes people made about this incident.

I don’t think people quite understand the multiple layers of victim blaming (people questioning her role of victim hood as a woman), misogynoir (assuming Black women like her are aggressors) and even transphobia (erroneous reports & jokes of her being “man like” because of her size) Megan faced through all of this. I hope she can find some emotional healing along with her physical one, and the shooter (Tory Lanez) can be brought to justice under the full extent of the law.