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NYC’s Next Generation of Drill Artists



22gz is considered to some the pioneer of NYC drill music. Only 22 years old, but 22 has been doing numbers for years. Back in 2018, he was signed to Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang label. In May of 2017, he and charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon, as well as second-degree attempted murder with a deadly weapon/firearm, but was able to avoid serious jail time.

Ron Suno is the worlds first comedian drill rapper. He first saw a lot of traction on social media back in 2017 when he created the weave challenge, and he has recently gone viral again for the creation of the Hip Hop Harry challenge. A few weeks back he dropped his debut album Swag Like Mike, and a few days ago released the music video for LEFTY which already has nearly a million views.

Rah Swish is Canarsie’s next up. From the floss, Rah Swish was running with the late drill pioneer, Pop Smoke. His song Woo Walk is what put him on the map. Featuring GS9 member Fetty Luciano, and fellow drill rappers Sosa Geek, and Young Costamado. There is also a cameo appearance from Pop Smoke.

MaxThaDemon is the only white NYC drill rapper out there, and he’s been making serious waves on youtube. His video for 4 quarters currently stands at 6.5 million views, and there are hundreds of reaction videos to his songs as well. Hes got songs with 22gz and Ciggy Black as well, both fellow classmates in the young drill scene.

Bebe’s Chit Chat draws you in with the first line “First off fuck all that chit chat, bullets they hit em break em up like a kit kat”. Following in 22gz footsteps, you can often hear the signature “gang gang gang” which is known to his music. Bebe’s Chit Chat brings a new fun energy to the drill scene. In the video he can be seen shutting down bridges, stunting in rolls royce, and rocking his massive Jesus piece. Looking forward to what Bebe drops next.