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Kanye West Wanted to Divorce Kim K, Amid Meeting with Meek Mill + ‘Donda’ Tracklist and Release Date



Kanye has been insinuating controversy amongst himself within the past couple of weeks. From his astonishing attempt to be a contender in the 2020 Presidential campaign; to the obscene series of tweets that has people concerned about the state of his mental and emotional health.

The downward spiral of the 43-year-old Chicago native appeared to originate during his Presidential campaign in South Carolina on Sunday (July 19), alluding that his wife, Kim Kardashian wanted to abort their first-born child. In a slew of rants and video footage, Ye’s emotional tirade continued. On Monday (July 21), he took to Twitter.

The majority of the tweets since has been deleted, however, Kanye alluded that Kim attempted to put him in a 51/50 hold for his mental decline. Kris Jenner was also mentioned in his series of rants, stating that she and her beau was not allowed to be around his children for trying to get him locked up. 

“Kriss, don’t play with me. You and that Calmye are not allowed around my children. Ya’ll tried to lock me up.”

“Everybody knows the movie ‘Get Out’ is about me.”

Continuing, Ye stated that his children, primarily North, would not be posing for Playboy nor involved in a sex tape – like her mother at one point.

“I put my life on the line for my children that North’s mother would never sell her sex tape.”

“I put my life on my God that North’s mom would never photograph her doing Playboy and that’s on God. I’m at the ranch….come and get me.”

Early Wedsnesday morning (July 22), Kanye West unveiled in a now deleted series of tweets, that he has been trying to divorce Kim Kardashian.

“I been trying to get divorced since Kim Met with Meek at the Warldolf for prison reform.”

“Meek is my man and was respectful… That’s my dog. Kim was out of line… I’m worth $5 billion and more than that through Christ. But ya’ll ain’t listen to MJ and now ya’ll believe them???”

West added, 

“Kriss and Kim put out a statement without my approval. That’a not what a wife should do. White supremacy.”

Kim Kardashian nor her family have publicly made a statement about Kanye’s allegations, however, sources are saying that Kim K is meeting with divorce attorneys. 

Could this be the end of the Kardashian-West helm? What are your thoughts?

In other Kanbye West news, his new album and movie “Donda” will be released on Friday, July 24. The Gospel-Hip Hop album contains 12-tracks.