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Throwback Thursday: Mýa – My Love Is Like…Wo



In July 2003, Mýa released her third album Moodring on Interscope Records. The album was lead by it’s debut single “My Love Is Like…Wo,” a grown and sexy R&B record co-written and co-produced by Missy Elliott, with uncredited writing by Tweet. The song reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 17 on the R&B charts, and also Mýa’s 5th single to chart in the top 20.

“My Love Is Like…Wo” is one of my favorite all-time Mýa records. For one, I love the Jazz elements that are used in the production. It’s done in a way where it’s contemporary and not super “old” sounding. I also love how the bass is heavy but doesn’t drown out the melodies, which is perfect because I need to hear Mýa’s angelic lead and backing vocals flowing over the instrumental. Lyrically, the song is about self-love, sexual freedom and having the confidence to know you’re worthy of whatever comes your way. The music video features Mýa showing off another one of her great talents, dancing, not to mention a tap dancing number after switching back and forth from differing wardrobes and hair styles.

This song was the perfect first single for Moodring. Listening to it gives you an overall feeling of sexiness, whether you feel that way at the moment or not. It’s a perfect mood changer and spirit lifter, hence why it’s perfect to lead the album. Check out the video to “My Love Is Like…Wo” then follow Mýa on Instagram & Twitter at @MyaPlanet9, and let her know we sent you there!