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Tiyon ‘TC’ Christian Storms R&B With His Debut Album ‘RAIN’



Tiyon ‘TC’ Christian, is a behind the scenes king with a resume that speaks for itself.

The Kentucky born singer-songwriter, earned his stripes in the industry after years of recording and rearranging covers of well-known hits. His aptitude for the arts landed him in studios with some of your faves, and eventually, the credits began to roll in. I sat down with TC for a conversation surrounding his induction into the industry as well as his debut solo project RAIN.

TC was influenced by a plethora of genres in his adolescence. He grew up amidst a tidal wave of Pop music. The “Britney era,” if you will. The diversity in his playlists, intertwined with his upbringing to form the hybrid songwriting, executive producing, audio engineering, powerhouse he is today.

“ I Grew up in the church, I think the church community is so imperative for vocalists growing up in the south. My grandmother was the pianist, I remember her and other women shouting ‘Sing out!’” 

Many a powerhouse vocalist built their strengths in the church, it serves as a foundation that prepared stars like Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, and Usher for the ever-demanding standards that come alongside stardom.

“I started out with arrangements, I would take big records and arrange them to sound the way I would do it. I had to learn to write, what melodies are, and the importance of placements.”

TC boasts writing credits for big names like Brandy, the Braxtons, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and a host of other uber-talented artists. One can’t help but wonder about the contrasts in helping to create great music for good artists, versus doing the same for oneself.

“The process of putting this together was scary, there were doubts, but I had to get over it and just do it. People knew me as a songwriter, or as a vocalist. This is me releasing an actual body of art, it represents who I am, and where I’m at in this moment.”


RAIN, is heartfelt, melodic, and genuine in its creation. 

Who said Rythym & Blues is dead? Artists like TC continue to show and prove that it is very much alive, and continues to evolve with the times.