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New Music: Samantha Moon – ‘I Love You’



Neo-Soul/R&B artist Samantha Moon released her new single “I Love You” and it’s timely like no other. The song is clearly about love, and hating seeing a loved on in pain.

Moon recorded the song after hearing of her sister’s cancer diagnosis after a time of remission. Locally shot in St. Cloud, Minnesota prior to the nationwide pandemic lockdown, the video displays people in hard times receiving said love. While discussing “I Love You,” Samantha said, “I think this single is a powerful record. To be able to express to others what is hard for them to express for themselves is humbling. I say that anyone would be able to relate to “I Love You” upon listening.”

Check out Samantha Moon’s music video for “I Love You” and let us know what you think of it. “I Love You” is available for streaming on all online music platforms. For more information regarding Samantha Moon, visit

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