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New Music: MikeLyrik – ‘B.U.’



It’s the end of International Pride Month & Black Music Month during an international upheaval of racial injustice in support of #BlackLivesMatter, and MikeLyrik appropriately releases the timely electronic pop ballad “B.U.”

In today’s climate with the advancement of technology, we bear witness to hate-induced crimes especially in the Black/African-American communities. Innocent black and brown lives are stolen each and everyday based on the color of their skin, sexual orientation or identity, religious background – or simply because they deem eccentric compared to the social norm.

“B.U.” is a clear representation of empowerment, pride, and self-appreciation. Defining who you are as a person, and not to be afraid of societal norms.

The song was inspired by an attack on one of his dear friends, Adrian, for being their true authentic selves and in result, became a victim of a hate crime. You can tell from the lyrics MikeLyrik decided to take a bad experience and create from that an inspirational, powerful artwork that can sprout good vibes.  Sonically, the song has an atmospheric vibe backed by soft tapping drums and simple melodies with introspective lyrics of self-love and acceptance.

“B.U.” is set to appear on MikeLyrik’s up coming EP Puzzle Piece, what he described as a “personal journey” of “growth, love lessons, triumphs and failures.” Check out the song on any online music platform and let us know what you think of it. Remember to “B.U.”

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