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A Conversation with K. Goddess



Brownsville babe, K.Goddess isn’t shy about stepping outside of the box in order to pursue her passions. The NYC former college basketball star appeared on the music and entertainment scene around 2016. K tells us she used basketball as an outlet from the violence that plagued her neighborhood. She even has a basketball tattooed on her shoulder.

“My childhood best friend loved basketball, that was her thing. Then she was sentenced to 22 years to Life. So I carried on for her. ”

 That outlet took her all the way to university. Though basketball was a staple in her life, K began bartending at age 18, in order to make ends meet. For those of us who know, NYC’s club culture takes slinging drinks to new heights. “Startender’s” typically amass a following and popularity, liken to exotic dancers. This led K to being benched by her college basketball coach, who didn’t believe she could do both. Shamed for her new hustle, K dropped out of traditional classes and chose to finish out her degree in sports management via online classes. 

Since then, she’s taken to focusing on her music.

K. Goddess describes her sound as “authentic, raunchy, and raw.”

She rhymes about her experiences in “The Ville,” and likes to paint a picture for her audience with her words. 

When asked if she has any regrets about her path to stardom, she had this to say. 

“I love that lifestyle,” but it’s hard for people to take you seriously. I loved the fast money I made in the clubs, but I hated the competitiveness and the colorism.” 

K. Goddess met many big-time industry men in the club but agrees that the negative connotation associated with women who work in gentlemen’s clubs can affect bigger business opportunities.

That fact hasn’t slowed her down at all. The hustle is the music now. With help from her boyfriend Swift on Demand, the raunchy rhymer is projected to release an LP in July 2020.

If “FRIENDS” is a preview of what we can expect to hear from her, we’re in for a bundle of records that may very well become bops us ladies can ride out to!

You can view K. Goddesses video for her latest single “FRIENDS” now on Youtube.


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