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Single Review: Jack Harlow- ‘WHATS POPPIN (feat. DaBaby, Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne) – Remix



Jack Harlow added to his already impressive resume this week with the remix to “WHATS POPPIN”, featuring DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne. 

Harlow has been gaining a hefty amount of buzz the last few years, and it has all finally cultivated together for him in 2020. The original record, “WHATS POPPIN” was already one of the hottest songs of the year, and this addition only adds to its appeal. This comes a lot from Harlow’s quick-fire flow and infections lyrics, and the top-tier production from JetsonMade. 

Though having four artists on the same track can sometimes be overwhelming, Harlow performs a perfect trapeze act between DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne. No one on the record takes too much of the spotlight, and as a collective they surprisingly came together quite fluidly. Each artist adopts Harlow’s original flow, with the addition of their individual styles and quirks. Remixes can be unnecessary, and though “WHATS POPPIN” was already a stellar record, this rehashing brought it into the stratosphere. In particular, Tory Lanez had an impressive showing, reminding fans of how true he is to his hip-hop roots, one of the many aspects of his artistry that lands him in the elite of the music world. DaBaby brought his standard, yet necessary, energy to the track and Lil Wayne, to the surprise of no seasoned hip-hop fan, spazzed on his verse. Overall, this remix was fun, productive, and all-in-all a great moment for Harlow’s career.