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EP Review: Moe Isaac (of @PrjctMM) – ‘Unmixed. Unfiltered. Black AF.’



Moe Isaac came back with a new and timely EP entitled Unmixed, Unfiltered. Black AF., and it’s exactly that. The fifteen minute musical project is an R&B/Hip Hop Soul collection of music that perfectly reflects the current times of Black Lives Matter and the protests

The EP is a melodic, urban journey that is authentically Black, where Moe Isaac discusses pro-Blackness, anti-Blackness, structural/socio-economic racism from the perspective of a Black man. On the song “What’s The Definition (Of A Nigga)?,” Moe asks are you really die behind that word (nigga), speaking to non-Black people that love to use the word and/or consume Blackness for entertainment, but don’t join us in our struggles.

Sonically, the album starts off with strong elements of Hip Hop (old school to a new, trap sound then Hip Hop/Soul), then circles back to a solo piano, smooth and soulful R&B outro on “Brown Skin.” Unmixed, Unfiltered. Black AF. is available now on all streaming and online music services.