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Spinnin’ and Winnin’ with Swipey



With Covid closing everything and keeping us inside, Swipey hasn’t switched up and has stayed creating new content to keep his fans busy. Swipey now resides in the Floss, aka Canarsie where fellow drill rappers Pop Smoke, 22gz, Fivio Foreign and many more grew up. After taking a brief pause on music, Swipey is back and putting in had work for the past year. In-fact in the past month he’s been making some big splashes. On April 14th, Mr. Swipey announced that he had joined French Montana’s Coke Boys label, and later that week dropped his collaboration with French, That’s A Fact. Now Swipey is back for more with his new song and video for Enough, produced by Chris Rich. In the video Swipey is seen flexing his jewelry and money while woo walking and spinning in a Florida gas station. I checked in with him a few weeks back to see how he was doing.

How have you been doing?

It’s been great, been working, going viral

What’s working with French Montana like?

I mean it’s legendary. You’re talking about French Montana now. It’s beautiful. Since I been working with French, everybody been telling me I’m glowing up. He’s been taking care of me. I don’t know what everyones talking about we gucci.

Tell me about your come up?

Everything started you know with Spliff Star, Busta Rhymes and them. They used to come to the studio we used to be at. Back then I was just making music so I could get out of the house and just be in the studio with my friends. Spliff was telling me that I was talented and that I had star quality. He took us on tour, me and Fivio had that song with him. The song went big but it didn’t really go anywhere because there was so much going on in my life. I lost my mother to cancer so when that happened I stopped doing music, up until last year. I stopped for four years, and everyone was telling me I should go back to music. Fivio was already hot when I came back to New York. So we were like “Yo lets push you all the way”. So while we were pushing Fivio I held mine and said this is the way to go because the numbers are up on his behalf. He got signed, and ya know, the roll out. Now I’m here.

What are your thoughts about the rise of Drill in the New york rap scene?

The thing about hip hop is that it’s always evolved. One way or another. Now that it’s touched drill, ya know hip hop has touched a lot of stuff. Like RnB, funk, everything. Now it’s touched London sound, but we made it New York cause we dance. It brought the fun back out ya know what i’m sayin? We gave it our own spin, you said it the best. If you ain’t spinnin’, you ain’t winnin’.

My thing is about dancing, I want to dance. When I hear a song, I want to dance! What happened we can’t dance in rap no more? Chris Brown does it and he’s going diamond, and he’s multi talented. You can’t blame me for doin it! But hey let’s do it, i’m going viral

Anything else you got going on right now that you’re working on?

I got this record Freca coming out on all platforms, French is on it. French has got somethin else we made a dance song and I made the dance for it also called Thats a Fact. I came up with the whole dance and that went big. We also have somethin else coming out with Chinese Kitty ya know for the girls. Ya know, we got a lot of work going on.

When do you plan on coming back up to New York?

Things are bad in New York right now ya know with coronavirus and quarantine. Shout out to all the essential workers and the front line workers doing their thing. Shout out to them. I want to send a message to all the people, please stay home. Coronavirus is not a joke. We can’t go outside but let’s do it for the people risking their lives for us. Send my condolences to everyone who has lost someone to this virus, truly. God is good, God is great. Lets go!

If you haven’t already, go listen to Swipey’s new song, Enough, and make sure you check out the other hits he’s released throughout the year.