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Robert ‘RT3’ Thorn – The Mecca Behind the Scenes of the Entertainment Business



The driving force of the music industry are those who predominantly remains behind the scenes. Those who orchestrate and efficiently organize in a concise manner – who factors in the foundation of our favorite celebrities to perform or make public appearances. For those who are heavily subdued into the music industry; the name Robert ‘RT3’ Thorn III should ring bells. For those who are unfamiliar with the name will grow an appreciation for his contributing efforts over the last two decades. 

Hailing from Lexington, North Carolina – Robert Thorn III had an innate chemistry in the field of both entertainment and performing arts at such a young age. His first introduction to Hollywood was at the tender age of 3, when he was selected as the first black model for Osh Kosh by a prominent modeling agency in High Point, North Carolina. However, that stint would be short lived after his mother received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relocate to Japan and work under the Department of Defense Education; an agency in Yokohama, Japan.

Continuing his aspirations in America, a young Robert Thorn received numerous of job opportunities in Japan ranging from music videos, commercials, films, and even performed as a teenage backup dancer by the likes of Mariah Carey during her “Day Dream” Japanese tour back in 1996.

By the age of 16, Thorn went from being a club manager at a prestigious nightclub called “Circus” in Yokohama – to teaching dance classes at Yokosuka Naval Base, and becoming a stage hand production assistant to Adam Parker and Blackie Hanes who at the time, were working on the “Smoking Groves Tour” that featured Nappy Roots, Coolio, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill to name a few. 

 Robert later began working for KSR One Records, which later prompted him to work as the assistant to the President of Mirage Records in Japan. By the age of 19, Robert acquired sponsorships from upper-echelon companies such as Jaguar, Starbucks and Batelco Communications in which were sponsors of the biggest performing acts on a global spectrum.

The roster continued from that duration of time, working with the likes of the biggest superstars from different genres and fields of entertainment – ranging from Zac Efron, Bow Wow, Seth Rogan, NCredible (Nick Cannon), and more.  Robert would be considered a paramount of the music industry promotional scene. His contributing efforts has broken barriers globally, being one of the few African-Americans to prosper so effectively in a predominant East Asian market. Today, Robert Thorn is an executive under Marketing and Management for ‘The Trinity Factory,’ which supports the likes of So So Def Records, YvngSwag, Bow Wow, and 99 Percent to name a few.

However, many of those who may know of Robert ‘RT3’ Thorn, may not know his personal life. During a recent interview, Robert sat down and unveiled many transgressions of his life. Read the exclusive interview after the jump:

Personal – Love life and living in Uzbekistan:

Robert: When I was nineteen years old, I met a Ukrainian woman in Bahrain while working at a club there.  I instantly connected with her so we dated. After discovering that she was in the country illegally while being a prostitute mother of two girls who claimed to have cancer, I took her in my home out of love. Later she got pregnant and decided to turn herself into the police to be deported back to her country, Uzbekistan. Learning that my newborn was born 6 months premature, I instantly left my job to go after her. Upon my arrival, I received shocking news that my new born child supposedly passed away two days prior. After sacrificing so much to be in Uzbekistan, I decided to stay and marry this woman and raise her two daughters as my own. Time passed, and the relationship was going down the drain. As the war in Afghanistan was getting worse, I then decided to bring my family to America. However, the mother decided to leave us and move to another state. She left us alone for over ten years for my family and I to raise, and she never looked back. I realized it was not the crazy love for her that made me sacrifice everything but it was the love I had for the kids.

Interviewer: What is something important enough to die over?

Robert: I believe that sacrificing your life for the betterment of mankind is worth dying for. It is only when you understand that we are living for others and not for ourselves that you are able to see the beauty in unification.

Spiritual Guise:

Interviewer: Do you think we all have a “higher calling” in life?

Robert: Absolutely, it is my opinion that we are here for the experience. Based on our actions in this life, we will then ascend to the next spiritual platform.

Proposing in a Non-Traditional Way & Combating Stereotypes:

Interviewer: Should women propose to a man?

Robert: In my life, I have been proposed to by a woman. She literally got down on one knee and asked to marry me. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. I feel that we can’t look at sex to dictate the vibration that the spirit feels. Women and men alike should be able to express the love that they feel, in the way they wish to express themselves.

Interviewer: Do you easily stereotype someone just off their race or their style of dressing?

Robert: No. I was taught a person’s race does not define their character yet, I believe that character is the only way you can judge someone. I have had the privilege to meet many people that have had different taste in fashion. Being your own individual is what makes the world a fantastic place to live in. 

Interviewer: Do you think couples should share the passcodes to their cellphones with each other?

Robert: If you’ve made a choice to be one as a partner and as a team, you should have already developed trust. If you are a unit, then yes, there should be nothing to hide.

Interviewer: Can a relationship be successful if each partner is of different religious backgrounds?

Robert: Yes, spirituality is a personal journey. As long as the other person shows respect to the beliefs of their partner and is willing to be educated on the religion of the other without a negative agenda; I think this relationship can work just fine.

Interviewer: Would you or would you not date your friend’s ex? If yes, why and if no, why not?

Robert: No, never!! That’s G Code. I was raised to respect my brother’s world. I dont think it’s healthy to go behind your friend. There are plenty of women in the world. Why create chaos in your friendship? I am my brother’s keeper.

Thoughts on Influential Figures:

Interviewer: Who do you think is the most influential figure for black people in history?

Robert: That is a difficult question because all black history in its totality has not been taught. But if I had to give you a figure based on what has been fed to the majority of black people throughout history, I would have to say, Jesus Christ.

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