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Eve Discusses Racism with Her Husband, Maximillion Cooper: ‘All he can do is try to understand and try to ask the questions, and he wants to understand.’



Today’s societal climate of police brutality and racial injustices is shedding a fluorescent light globally. The wake of international protesting ignited its fuse as the world witnessed the tragic demise of 46-year-old George Floyd (moniker; Big Floyd) on May 25th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. George Floyd, whom originally stemmed from Houston, Texas – was brutally assaulted prior to having his feet detained by two police officers while pleading for his life as another police officer; Derrick Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck and face for approximately 8 minutes and 46 seconds. 

The conversation has been subdued with heaviness, straining emotional ties and exhaustion from those who are compassionate with humanity as well as the need for equality. 

In the height of debacles as well as protesting for justification to be rectified, many on-setters are gaging eyes towards the prominent celebrities to take a stand along with the rest of society. 

Rapper and ‘The Talk’ talk show co-host, Eve vocalized her perspective of not only the prolonged situation of racism, but how the conversation has entered into her household with her husband Maximillion Cooper. 

During the virtual episode of ‘The Talk,’ Eve expressed discussing racism with husband Maximillion, who hails from the United Kingdom and is of Caucasian descent. Although supportive of Eve’s sentiments towards racial injustices in America, Cooper at times does not understand the uncomfortable nature of African-Americans. 

“I am in an interracial relationship. I am having some of the most difficult and uncomfortable conversations I think I’ve ever had, and vice-versa with my husband. But, at the same time, it’s a beautiful thing. [Because] I don’t know his life through his eyes. He doesn’t know my life through my eyes. All he can do is try to understand and try to ask the questions, and he wants to understand. But, we have to be okay with being uncomfortable so that we can get to a solution.”

Eve continued her sentiments regarding the untimely death George Floyd and witnessing global protesting from all races and genders:

“There are some people that are having beautiful, peaceful protests – with their fists in the air and all different colors and genders together. On one knee, wanting to get past this. That’s what actually keeps me from getting too emotional. We are under rock bottom and the only thing we can do now is build up.”

Watch the full-clip of ‘The Talk,’ and take a listen to what all of the hosts reaction towards this devastating situation. What are your thoughts and opinions in regard to Eve’s commentary?