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Black Twitter, @ShamoneKhia Drags @TrinaRockstarr by her $20 Lace Front for Anti-Black Remarks



Things were going well for Trina until she decided to open her lips and spew out some vile, anti-Black statements about protesters in Miami yesterday. On her morning radio show with rapper and mentee Trick Daddy, Trina referred to the protesters as “animals” and said they should all be locked out and the city should impose a 6 PM too 6 AM curfew to “keep the city clean and safe.” Trick Daddy tried to clean it up for Trina and show her why she’s wrong, but she wasn’t being receptive.

 I found this surprising from the rapper who cursed out many people on Love & Hip Hop Miami for disrespecting her, a white woman in Walmart for calling her a “nigger,” and constantly address Khia’s reads (we’ll get to that later). Trina still didn’t learn when she told her fans she had “time today” on Twitter. Unluckily for her, so did they and she was read for filth by hundreds of fans and foes, including Tampa rap rival Khia, who created a Twitter account just to antagonize “the Saddest Bitch,” comparing the rolls on her neck to the Michelin Man. This was just after Khia dragged Shekinah on video for crying over Gucci and Atlanta’s Lenox Mall being looted, and giving support to the protesters. Fellow Miami rapper Geisha305 also read Trina and shifted her wig back a little.

I personally find it shocking that Trina would give all this time into downing protesters, some of which may be her fans. Trina should instead
be focusing on trying to maximize the exposure of her records, keeping in mind her albums have yet to sell over 500,000 since her sophomore album, nor has she had a Hot 100 since 2007. People are running out of money and resources, and Trina should be able to relate since her last album was taken off streaming services for half a year when she failed to pay her writers and producers for their work. I’m sure Trina will continue to make more music no one will buy, especially after her latest anti-Black tirade.