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Black Twitter Cancels Trina, B.Simone, Virgil Abloh and More…



Since it’s inception, social media has been a valuable tool for self- expression and connecting with others. During these unfortunate times, the internet has been the only true resource for honest coverage of news worldwide. Protestors on the front lines are using social media to show the unethical militarized practices and excessive force being used against them; while others are spreading support and awareness for those affected by the current state of our country.

Many celebs have used Instagram and Twitter to express their feelings (both good and bad), while others have remained relatively silent. But while many public figures live for (and make a living off ) the attention they receive on these platforms, they must still be extremely mindful of how they represent and express themselves online.

Unfortunately, a few celebs and social media stars didn’t quite get that memo and are now feeling the after effects of public scrutiny from former fans and supporters. In the age of “cancel culture”, no one is exempt from the internets wrath; especially during such a sensitive time for the black community.

Black Twitter wasted no time cancelling several celebrities for their behavior this week and the list continues to grow each day.

Trey Songz made a tweet asking for a thread of cancelled celebs and of course we obliged.

Take a look below to find out why all of these celebs are no longer invited to the cookout:

1.) T.I

Fans were outraged after T.I made a public speech calling Atlanta “Wakanda” in reference to the movie “Black Panther”. The self-proclaimed King of the South appeared alongside fellow rapper/activist Killer Mike and Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to address the city after much of it was torn apart during the first days of protesting.

2.) Desi Banks

Rising Instagram comedian, Desi Banks, received major backlash for posting a tweet about his feelings on violent protests and looting. What made matters worse was the picture he posted to accompany his views; an image taken on Bloody Sunday, right before hundreds of Black people were brutally beaten by law enforcement during the Civil Rights Movement. Several of his followers encouraged him to remove the posts but by then the damage was already done. The tweets have since been deleted but not before losing nearly half of his fanbase. Banks went from 1.1 million followers on Twitter to 551.4k in less than 24 hours.

3.) Shekinah Jo

Social Media had a field day with Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star Shekinah Jo Anderson after she went on Instagram Live and cried about Atlanta looters stealing from Lenox Mall and Gucci. Anderson is most notably known as a famed celebrity hairstylist and BFF to Tiny Harris. Tory Lanez, Sukihana, and other celebrities openly expressed their disdain for Shekinah and her ridiculous comments.

4.) B. Simone

Black Twitter straight up dragged B. Simone for her tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement. The usually loud, outspoken, and notably vulgar social media star was extremely quiet during the first few days of protests and the internet was not pleased. When she finally spoke up and tweeted her feelings, the controversial tweet landed her on the list right alongside her creative partner, Desi Banks. She eventually went out into the streets of Atlanta to participate in the protests, but people struggled to believe that the attempt was genuine.

5.) Virgil Abloh

The Off-White Creator and Louis Vuitton Creative Director ruffled lots of feathers after posting a pic of destroyed businesses expressing his sadness about streetwear before addressing anything regarding black lives. To add insult to injury, he also posted a pic of his $50 donation to help bail out protestors and people are refusing to support any more of his luxury brands. Especially since none of the products that he sells costs anywhere near $50. He later released a statement explaining his reasoning but not before Twitter had a field day with the hashtag #2virgils. Fashion model, Duckie Thot, also called Abloh out directly and suggested that looters hit his stores in order to teach him a lesson. He was also called out for a lack of diversity in his offices and for stealing ideas from young black designers.

6.) Tokyo Jetz

The internet was not here for Atlanta rapper Tokyo Jetz after a viral video surfaced of her playfully choking a friend while mocking the death of George Floyd. People were extremely offended by the tasteless joke especially since she’s the mother of a young son, as well. Jetz later deleted all of the post off of her IG page leaving only an apology video crying in her car.

7.) Trina

This has to be one of the most surprising cancellations thus far. #NotTrina and #Trinathebassetthound are currently trending on Twitter after audio was released of Trina making negative comments about Miami protestors. The 41-year old rapper openly expressed her disapproval calling protestors ‘animals’ and suggesting a 6pm curfew. Trick Daddy tried to yield her opinion in a different direction but she was adamant about her views. The self-proclaimed “Baddest B*itch” has now been renamed the “Saddest B*tch” according to the internet.

Images via Twitter, The Neighborhood Talk, Jerome Trammel, Atlanta Music TV