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First Ever Virtual Latinx Festival Hosted By SOBs



Co-written by Aronys Perez

While all concerts and events are cancelled, SOBs (Sounds Of Brazil) is still remaining at the forefront of live music. During a time where most small venues are struggling, the legendary NYC music venue SOBs is continuing to keep its doors open, so to speak. To celebrate their 38th anniversary, from May 29th to 31st SOBs will be hosting the very first Latinx virtual music festival. The SOBs team has worked to transform the venue into a virtual platform. By following examples set by social media and proactive cultural influencers, the venue intends to remain on the progressive wave. 

Many artists have participated in the new trend of streaming small performances from their house, but no venue has hosted a virtual festival, until now. The festival will be headlined by Luis Figueroa, CoastCity, GRIZEL “Chachi”, Del Vallle, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, Tatiana Hazel & More.

Historically known for providing opportunities to the underserved communities of New York City, SOBs has not changed its mission. The SOBs team is presenting the world with the first venue held Latinx concert; the team has created a lineup of some of the Latinx communities most prominent rising stars. Day 1: AQUIHAYAQUIHAY & Grizel Del Valle. Day 2: Nat’lee & Luis Figueroa. Day 3: Immasoul, CoastCity, and Tatiana Hazel.

SOBs has also provided a Spotify and YouTube playlists showcasing the performers. The festival can be streamed here starting at 630pm EST.