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Throwback Thursday: @Beyonce – ‘Work It Out’



While “Crazy In Love” was Beyoncé’s debut single from her debut album , it was “Work It Out” that was the Queen Bey’s debut single overall and was truly a cultural reset. Today, I’m presenting to you a look at the first time people finally saw Beyoncé’ reach commercial success without the backup of Destiny’s Child.

“Work It Out” was the lead single from the Austin Powers: Goldmember soundtrack, a movie in which Beyoncé also showed off her acting chops as Foxxy Cleopatra, a modern/comedic spin on Pam Greer’s iconic blaxploitation role of Foxy Brown. “Work It Out” was produced by The Neptunes and co-written by Pharrell Williams and Beyoncé Giselle Knowles (not -Carter at the time). It’s an R&B/Funk track with Jazz influences with live horns, thumping kicks and snappy guitar licks. The music video mirrored this funky sound with huge 1970’s influences to match the theme of the movie, showing Beyoncé doing her iconic hula hooping in a golden brown afro, backed by sexy soul singers.

Check out the music video above, “Work It Out” is available on all online and streaming platforms.