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Teyana Taylor Drops Two New Music Videos for ‘Bare Wit Me’ and ‘Made It’



Teyana Taylor dropped music videos for her new singles “Bare Wit Me” and “Made It” yesterday and trust me they are more than worth seeing. The singles are from the actor’s/singer’s/dancer’s (a TRUE triple threat) up-coming third album entitled The Album.

In “Bare With Me,” Teyana displays her love for film noir where she plays the typical femme fatale trope while also paying homage to Michael and Janet Jackson I the Dick Tracey-esque suits in the chair dance sequence. The video, and music, is smooth and sexy, giving fans the type of music and moves we expect from Ms. Taylor.

However, in “Made It” Mrs. Shumpert switches her flow. The music video, as the title suggests, is about triumph and overcoming obstacles. She uses this music video to display scholastic graduates via video calls, something we can all relate to in this pandemic shutdown.

Teyana Taylor’s The Album, which also featuring her collaboration “We Got Love” with Ms. Lauryn Hill, is slated to be released this June on GOOD Music.