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Coconutfam Shares Critically-Acclaimed Debut, ‘GHLMTFA’



Introducing Coconutfam, fresh New York recording artist known for unique lyricism and sound, he recently created a buzz with a trio of viral hits in “Gunhill Zone,” “Venus” and “Xantia.” With a new world at his attention, the 21-year-old Bronx-bred sensation makes a critically-acclaimed first impression with his debut release, titled, Go Home Leave Me The Fuck Alone. Led by the lead, “Vanessa,” Coconutfam uses his debut to deliver a candid in-depth look into his past as he prepares for a bright future.

With “Vanessa,” GHLMFA is an eight-track beginning perfect for newly discovered fans and a pivotal moment for grassroots fans. Each track on the new album delivers a unique story that addresses hunger to succeed against all odds, love from both friends and family alike and crafting an undeniable sound that puts him in the same discussions as New York’s most popular artsy.

From beginning to end, Coconutfam is exciting, passionate, unique and refreshing. A radical, the fresh face in Hip-Hop isn’t only creating a new wave for the East Coast but quickly spreading throughout the U.S. And with more great content to arise during this campaign, Coconutfam is promised to be on the top of the charts in no-time.

“This is a project-based off of a cover that was found at a gas station in New Jersey,” Coconutfam says in the press release. “The words ‘Go Home Leave me the fu Alone’ resonates with the feeling of being alone yet Loved at the same time… without leaving the bitterness of Heartbreak and struggle… while still preserving a sense of self-worth. Each song is inspired by various situations with women in my life that have helped mold me into the young strong individual I am up to date. This proves that even a still regular Picture to the naked eye can be found Just as inspiring as a Work of art.”

GHLMFA doesn’t end there. Coconutfam’s journey continues on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter. Go Home Leave Me The Fuck Alone is streaming now on 1A Entertainment.

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