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Controversy Surrounds 112’s Verzuz Challenge with Jagged Edge



In room 112 where the players dwell, it looks like only two original members from the ATLean R&B group will be in attendance for the VERZUZ battle against Jagged Edge. Daron from 112 confirm via Instagram that due to negotiations with a contract with the rest of the members, he and Q will not appear for VERZUZ. Keep in mind, this musical battle is mostly playing records back and forth to determine who had better records and bigger hits, and the fact that Daron and Q won’t appear with Slim and Mike tells me it’s more than just business in regards to being in the same room for an online battle.

Oh, but there’s more shenanigans! Just yesterday, “112” performed for Keith Sweat & Teddy Riley’s quarantine concert. While Mike and Slim where visible, two other guys with masks (who were clearly not Daron and Q) were in the back dancing and lip syncing to the backing track. So much for social distancing seeing that Slim, Mike and the background dancers (?) much less than six feet apart and touch microphones that I’m sure they weren’t the only ones to handle.

Hopefully, 112 can eventually get it together because they definitely have the hits. From “Cupid” to “Anywhere” to “Dance With Me” they’ve created some true R&B classics. The 112 & Jagged Edge VERZUZ starts Memorial Day at 8 PM EST.