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Danté LaBelle Debuts New Single ‘Let’s Just Be Us’



“Let’s Just Be Us” single

To kick off our Friday, Aces Nation singer Danté LaBelle is here with his brand new single, Let’s Just Be Us. Let’s Just be Us is a smooth catchy ballad thats perfect for when you’re in your feelings or if you’re snuggled up with your boo. The Long Island singer has some stand out tracks already like Satisfied, Addiction, and This is Love which you can find on his 2018 project Love And All That. If you’re a fan of artists like Eric Bellinger, Usher, Trey Songz, then you’re sure to be a fan of Danté LaBelle. Learn more about Danté by reading our interview and checking the links below.

Tell us who Danté LaBelle is?

If I had to sum it up I would say I’m an introverted organic soul who loves the world of art and expression, and sometimes being an extrovert so that I can experience different things in life and incorporate those experiences into my art.

What have you been doing during quarantine?

I’ve definitely been using this time to master my craft and be more creative, while also pushing myself as a person and as an artist, so that when the world opens back up I can showcase the person I have become.

Tell me about your new song?

This new single “Let’s Just Be Us” is a dark romantic sensual record that I wrote a while back due to the experience and emotions I was going through at that time.

What other music have you been working on? 

I’ve definitely been working on a ton of new music and building out my catalog. I love being in the studio, it keeps my excited and busy.

Any projects?

No project as of right now. I’m super focused on singles, and engaging with my fans and building my platform. Once I feel like I’ve gotten to a reasonable place in my career, I’ll start thinking projects.

Do you have a ritual when you make music?

As far as the process goes when I’m being creative? Most definitely! I love grabbing a ton of records and listening to them about a thousand times over before writing to them. I love to find the mood and story behind the record I’m listening to before writing to it, so that the impact of the song hits my listeners more effectively.

Where do you think the world of music is going right now?

Well in certain areas I love the creative aspect of things with certain artists, but I do feel like most of what I see in mainstream music is more clout chasing then being an actual artist. There’s also are way too many inspirational artists promoting ass shaking than being uplifting and being a better person. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with ass shaking but there’s gotta be a balance.

What’s the message behind Let’s Just Be Us?

The message behind this record speaks about letting the individual you are with be themselves! A lot of times people try to change the image or personality of the person they are with because they like the personality but not the image. Sometimes we allow them to because we like them enough or because of our fears of being alone. You do what you can to stay truthful. Take me as I am or leave me Be.

What’s something you look for in a girlfriend?

The biggest thing I look for in a women is personality! You gotta light the damn room up when you walk in! A few other thing’s are hustle, independency, and a kind heart, but still takes no shit. I love a women that doesn’t need me but wants me.

What are you like in a relationship?

Sheesh in a relationship… I’m your biggest support system, and your biggest child. I’m a goofy dude when I’m with mine, but I’ll support, push, and grow with you emotionally, spiritually, mentally to build an empire and bond that can’t be broken!

If you could pick one celebrity to be your quarantine partner who would it be?

That’s tough, it’s gotta be between Kiana Ledé or Danileigh. I will never leave the house, even if quarantine was over! That’s facts. I love their personality from what I see and if that matches in real life we’d be our own vibes.

What are you binging during this quarantine?

I’ve been way to active to be able to binge watch anything, but if I do it’s most likely music videos and maybe videos on how to grow as an artist or business. Also watching live concerts of artists like Usher, Chris Brown, or Drake. Just learning what they do on stage, what they do behind the scenes, what is needed to prep for live performances, and how to level up.

Danté LaBelle is only just getting started. Make sure you listen to Let’s Just Be Us at the links below, but you can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @dantelabelle.