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CupcakKe Releases a Double Music Video for ‘Grilling N****s’ & ‘Lawd Jesus’



CupcakKe is back and better than ever. She released a double music video of her singles “Grilling Niggas” and “Lawd Jesus” over the past week and got fans fully invigorated. The production is the best she’s ever displayed in any of her other music videos, and you can tell from the production it was produced during quarantine with the poolside and at home shots. Still, the Chicago rapper is giving you fierce and fab with a dash of spice in the “Grilling Niggas” video where she can be seen playing golf on a white man’s face and grilling steaks in her backyard. In “Lawd Jesus,” she can be seen wearing a more glamorous look while spitting bars.

Recently, the rapper spoke about how she doesn’t want to be perceived as sexual as she did in her past on Instagram live. On video she talked about how she felt like she had to say outlandish things just to get people to listen to her music, even though it was the opposite of her personality. Later, she hinted at the discrepancy in Black women’s actions versus white women’s actions because of misogynoir when she said “why the white person don’t gotta do that? You know what I’m saying? Like, why the white person don’t gotta get online and put a dick in her ass, you know, suck a dick just for muthafuckas to start listening to their music?”

The double music video for “Grilling Niggas/Lawd Jesus” is out now on Youtube, which can be seen above. You can also stream or purchase both singles on all online music platforms.

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