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Ali Releases New Visual For ‘I Do The Numbers’



Having honed in on his artistry at the age of 15, Mohamad Ali, known simply as “Ali” used his success as an entrepreneur to fund his music career. His versatility as a vocal artist and writer, has enabled him to create a thorough catalog of released and to-be-released records consisting of R&B, Rap, and Pop sounds. 

This week Ali surprised fans with the music video to his new single “I Do the Numbers” produced by Mohamed Ali. The Detroit native took to the ever-popular UK Drill cadence and shows fans just how little the pandemic has slowed his determination to deliver the music.

“They racked tabs on what I fronted.”

Ali makes a proclamation of his status as a boss, and a generous one at that. 

 The video, also directed by Mohamad Ali with edits by Potent, embodies the records’ energy. The independent rapper unmasks the industry and foul dealings with celebrities that borrowed his style (and funds) in order to maintain relevance. 

“These blue check fools ain’t sh*t. Man, most be frontin’”

Ali spits verses about his origins, his grind, and his focus. Montages play out — vintage cars, a beautiful woman by his side, and lighting cigars with his flame thrower torch. “I Do the Numbers” is a testament to the rapper’s glamorous lifestyle, and unwavering tenacity. 


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