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Single Review: Trippie Redd & PARTYNEXTDOOR – ‘Excitement’



This week, Trippie Redd dropped his long awaited single, “Excitement”  with PARTYNEXTDOOR. The song had been teased for weeks on social media through snippets, and finally the fans have gotten an official release. 

Trippie Redd’s style is so versatile that it can form to a multitude of different sounds and genres, and this record speaks to that. This is not the regular output we would hear from him, and he took creative risks on this record that paid off well in it’s composition. It also is indicative of the growth Trippie Redd has exhibited in the few years, and that he will continue to evolve as his career grows. 

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s return has been filled with phenomenal tracks, and “Excitement” is no exception. Both PARTYNEXTDOOR and Trippie Redd’s greatest ability relies on their versatility, and that meshed swimmingly on “Excitement”. Though at first this collaborative effort seemed odd, the finished product was a fresh sound that showed both Trippie Redd and PARTYNEXTDOOR stepping out of their comfort zones and creating an outstanding record. 

“Excitement” is exactly the type of single record labels should be investing in during quarantine, a track that’s strength relies on its creativity. Playback value relies in what is unique when there is no club or show to promote your music, so putting out the must that exemplifies your creative strengths is a must, and that’s exactly what Trippie Redd and PARTYNEXTDOOR did on “Excitement”.