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Single Review: Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande – ‘Stuck With U’



This past week, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber collaborated on an appropriately titled track for quarantined called “Stuck With U”.

The track is moderately tranquil, with Grande’s range and Bieber’s vocals conjoining quite well. The song isn’t really out of the wheelhouse for either artist’s style, yet both Grande and Bieber bring a familiar and fantastic energy to the track. The song is a testament to the new age of collaborative efforts between artists in the age of social distancing, with the music video consisting of at-home videos from Justin and Hailey Bieber, Grande, Demi Lovato, Chance The Rapper and fans alike. This song was a first taste into how the pop world will function in a time where big-budget music videos and promotion are at a standstill, and the results work well. 

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AG)

“Stuck With U” is the perfect track for the lifestyle people are living in this time in history. In a time where big releases are being lost in a sea of social media promotion and cancelled tours, Grande and Bieber deliver a track that isn’t just notable because of their collaborative efforts, but the actual content itself. The song plays to both artists strengths, and their efforts to collaborate aren’t overshadowed by either artist’s style. Stylistically, they both somewhat met in the middle to create the song and it works really well. 

Both Grande and Bieber don’t try anything radically new on this track, and it’s in-line with the work they have put out recently. Consistency is key right now, and “Stuck With U” is a great representation of that notion. The track also feels genuine and not forced, like Grande and Bieber truly wanted to make this record for their fans in a time when they are desperately in search of outlets beyond what’s occurring in the world. “Stuck With U” is a timely, enjoyable experience for both avid fans and casual listeners alike, with both Bieber and Grande bringing out the best in each other’s work.