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Brent Faiyaz Cancels All 2020 Tour Dates



Brent Faiyaz poses for Wonderland Magazine

As the global lockdown begins to slowly loosens it reins, music lovers are eager to get back on the streets just in time for the summers most anticipated pastime: concert season.

Unfortunately, with social distancing guidelines making it nearly impossible to hold large gatherings, artists are beginning to feel just how deeply an impact Covid-19 will have on their fans and their pockets.

R&B sensation, Brent Faiyaz, is no exception to this bitter realization.

Following the success of his 4th solo release, F* the World, the 24- year old Maryland singer was set to headline a nationwide tour under the same name. In an effort to ensure the safety of his fans amidst the pandemic, Faiyaz’s camp announced that the tour (initially set to kick off back in March) would be postponed until Late August.

Fans were ecstatic to hear the updated news not knowing that their celebration would be short lived. Much to their dismay, Faiyaz took to his Twitter last week to officially cancel any tour dates for the remainder of of the year.

Faiyaz first burst onto the scene as a solo artist before becoming lead singer of the collaborative effort, Sonder, alongside producers Dpat and Atu. He caught mainstream attention after lending his unique vocals to the 2017 summer anthem Crew by fellow DMV natives Goldlink and Shy Glizzy; even scoring a Grammy nomination for his contributions to the record. 

He’s managed to create a new sound by combining honest lyrics, sultry vocals, and the nostalgic feeling of 90’s R&B; which has helped him create a cult following of listeners from all walks of life. 

F* the World debuted as #2 on Apple Music, eventually surpassing Lil Wayne’s Funeral album for the #1 spot. Despite the tour cancellations, it’s evident that Brent Faiyaz is here to stay; making his mark on the industry one verse at a time. 

If you’re in need of some new vibes to add to your quarantine playlist, check out Brent Faiyaz’s F* the World EP below: