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Khia Drags Trina After She Turns Down Instagram ‘Verzuz’ Challenge



The beef continues with the two Florida female rappers, Trina and Khia.

Last week, Khia challenged Trina to a “Verzuz” battle before promptly getting shut down by the Diamond Princess, who told Khia to keep her name out of her mouth on her radio show with 99J Jamz.

She said, “I’m not stepping off my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me, and nobody that has not worked as hard as I’ve worked for anything.”

Khia being the Tampa chick she is she was not going to let what Trina said slide, taking to social media, Khia delivered a nearly five-minute tirade against her nemesis.

Trina, has decided not to address Khia directly. Instead, she took to social media to suggest that she will be ignoring Khia’s latest rant. She posted a motivational post on Instagram about growth:

Instead of battling Khia, Trina announced a battle with Trick Daddy on their radio show, that will take place tomorrow (May 13) at 8 pm.

Now were pretty sure the 10 year beef between these two is nowhere close to being over, but we’ll see if these two can ever hash it out.

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