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New Music: @Youngsunnyboy_ – ‘Used to Be’



Raleigh, NC-based, Young Sunny Boy, also known as Y$B acknowledges his past and foreshadows his future in his latest release, “Used 2 Be.” 

Young Sunny Boy (also known as Y$B) an emerging rapper from Raleigh, NC releases his latest single “Used 2 Be”. Y$B acknowledges his roots and unconventional past in this latest release. The Social Currency Enterprises/EMPIRE artist speaks volumes on the trials and tribulations that he and many others face in the hoods of Raleigh and paints a picture on the hardships one faces when trying to get out. The grasping single makes the listener want to move. It also has an enticing way of causing the listener to reflect. With Y$B taking an honest and cathartic approach and acknowledging his past and the loss of his father, the listener is enticed to sit back and think about their own life and upbringing all the while being encouraged to rise up.

“Used to Be” music video

“I ain’t tryna go back where I used 2 be. On this track, I’m explaining how I’ve leveled up from the dark space I was in my life, I won’t go through that again. I want the listeners to feel inspired and motivated when they listen,” Y$B speaks on the record. 

Listeners can listen to Young Sunny Boy’s latest release on all streaming platforms and keep up with Y$B on Instagram and Twitter

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