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New Music: @ZaytheG0At – ‘It Is What It Is’



Up and coming rapper, ZayTheGOAT, acknowledges the hardships of life and takes a “brush your shoulders off” approach.

Emerging rapper, ZayTheGOAT, releases his latest single “It Is What It Is.” ZayTheGOAT acknowledges how life can get rough and throw tough situations at you. The track recites that it is vital the listener remembers that “It Is What It Is.” The Social Currency Enterprises/EMPIRE artist had to revise his mindset and ideals when it came to crappy situations

“I made this song for people like me who have trouble coping with their problems, for people who have a ‘it is what it is’ demeanor about problems,” Zay explains. “Your homie gonna cross you, your girl gonna cheat, people gonna doubt you and talk shit about you. BUT F**K IT, IT IS WHAT IT IS” Zay says. 

The bass-heavy single entices the listener to move. With a “screw that” motto and a catchy hook, “It Is What It Is” is sure to be one of summer 2020’s hottest singles and an essential addition to everyone’s playlist. Listeners can download this song across all platforms.

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