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Corey Campbell: The Next Wave of Influencers



Corey Campbell is one of our latest Tik Tok major influencers who not only owns his lane as a content creator, but is a successful model and budding rap artist. His platform has allowed him the versatility to pursue each endeavor to the fullest and excel, allowing his name to travel throughout the industry on a major level.

At such a young age, the social media influencer has created quite a business for himself. From the looks of it, this is just the beginning as Corey Campbell looks to expand, continue to create and utilize social media to his advantage and full capability.

Social media has now given many the ability to fully take control of their own lives. Tik Tok being the latest application that has started the careers of many new curators and creators. With technology only developing, we are just starting to see many take full advantage of “Social Media” and the opportunities it provides.

Keep up with Corey Campbell and his latest works via social media, @imcoreycampbell.

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